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Toucharcade: The art design in Plushed is wonderful, the level design was ultimately fun, and the in-jokes and pop culture references delightful.

SlideToPlay: The developers have crafted an artful game world, where every element meshes and fits perfectly with everything else. Though it's a traditional platformer at its heart, it feels deeper and more creative than the vast majority of games on the App Store

148Apps: Vibrant visuals and polished hand-drawn characters all complete with their own realistic animations, I couldn’t help but not want to play through some of the levels again.


Toucharcade: Floop is a game that seems so simplistic on the outside but contains quite a bit of complexity, mostly due to the interesting physics engine, and is wrapped up in the kind of visually pleasing package that we would expect from Blacksmith Games.

SlideToPlay: So we definitely recommend Floop to anyone looking for an entertaining time-waster

148Apps: Floop is clearly simple fun but that’s just what makes it addictive. It’d be nice to see more levels added at a later date but other than that, it’s cheap and cheerful.

Appvent Calendar

Mashable: This is a pretty cute promotion. Not only do iPhone users get access to some free games (and hey, free is free, right?), but smaller app developers get some promotion.

Macworld: All you have to do is bookmark the site and keep visiting it on a daily basis until December 24. You’ll be able to download a different iPhone game off the App Store at no cost until just before Christmas.

TouchArcade: Looking back on this last year, it's pretty crazy how much has changed since the last time we posted about Blacksmith Games' Appvent Calendar. This time last year, the free game phenomenon was practically unheard of. Following the success of the original Appvent Calendar, a silly amount of copycat sites have since sprung up.

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